34th IAHR Biennial Congress, Brisbane Australia



On behalf of the 34th IAHR World Congress Organisation, IAHR and, we are delighted to extend our personal invitation to you to join us in Brisbane, Australia for the 34th World Congress of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR).  Engineers Australia and it’s (NCWE) are collaborating with IAHR to organize the 34th IAHR World Congress together with the 33rd National Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium and the 10th National Conference on Hydraulics in Water Engineering.

The Congress theme “Balance and Uncertainty: Water in a Changing World” focuses on the central roles of hydraulic engineering, hydrology and water resources in our changing world, and how these roles link to the broader issues. A balance is continually being sought between competing values in water engineering, including the environment, the economy, tourism, social and indigenous values, health aspects, aesthetics, and the needs of current and future generations. Careful management and innovative solutions are required to balance these values, and solutions must be able to deal with the uncertainty in the natural world as well as the changing human world.

Brisbane, Australia is an attractive destination – a well-organized modern city, within close proximity to some of the world’s greatest natural attractions!.