Members of the 2017 Colorado National Guard Biathlon team pose for a photo during ski training at Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby, Colorado, Dec. 15, 2017.


Waving goodbye to 2018, the 2019 Sports Events night was all about looking forward to the upcoming African Games, Pan-American Games, and European Games. The year will be filled with various world championships, particularly Winter Sports, which has 15 sports events. Most of these winter sports are held together in one place. Alpine skiing was hosted by Sweden, bobsleigh in Whistler Canada, cross country skiing in Austria, and snowboarding in Utah. It a find and exciting 2019 winter, a,nd the winter sports fanatics all over the world couldn’t ask for more.

Among the most sought-after winter sport is figure skating, where the championship was held last year in Japan. Let us learn some basic facts about beginner figure skating here.

  • Choose skates that snugly fit your shoes. If they’re too tight, they might compress against the front of your boots.
  • Tie your skates all the way up. You’ll know when they’re too tight because your toes will feel numb after a few minutes. On the other hand, if your ankles don’t stay in contact with your boots or if they slip inside, then you have not tied them tightly enough.
  • Your posture is very crucial in figure skating. Avoid bending forward at your waist or standing hunched over. These positions will move your weight forward because your center of gravity has also shifted forward. Stand in your skates with an upright torso and slowly bend your knees. Remember this position when you try figure skating for the first time.
  • As you begin, try marching on the ice first. Lift one knee and put your first foot forward and flat on the ice. Do not walk as if you were walking on land. When you have managed to do this several times, attempt proper stroking by pushing your foot against the ice to propel yourself forward. Push to the sides, not backward.
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  • Slowly learn gliding forward with your two feet planted on the ice and both arms out to your sides. If you try to turn your arms and shoulders to the left, you will notice that you will instantly turn to the right without attempting to do it. This is because the upper body is in control of the whole body.
  • Ask help if you need to. You are a beginner ,and it is only natural to seek the guidance of skaters who are more experienced than you. Besides, most people on the ice would love to help you. You might get some sound advice from the best figure skating coaches in your area.