We know that nothing on our planet can survive without water. Not even the food we eat can get produced without it. However, what is it about water that makes it so unique? What are water’s properties that allow us to appreciate even the smallest drop of it? Here are some facts that can answer that question.

The Good Stuff

If you haven’t noticed, water’s abundance is proof that life depends on it. There is no significant way that living things on Earth can manage to survive without using it. There is no exception as to what creatures are only allowed to consume this resource. Water helps in making everything better, including supplying food production, aiding health problems, assisting growth and development, providing better surroundings, and more.


Perhaps you know that a human body is made out of 60% water, which allows the organs to function suitably. The brain also depends on it, as much as the body does. Also, not only it supports hygiene, but it also caters to quality health. Water also contains a specific type of heat where it can absorb a large amount of heat without changing much of its temperature. That is the reason why the ocean helps in moderating the planet’s temperature too. And with water vapor in the atmosphere, it serves as a greenhouse gas that keeps the Earth warm enough to maintain life. With plants, yes, they rely mostly on sunlight for photosynthesis. But water is their fundamental source of energy. It helps them transport essential nutrients to their plants drawn from the soil. And about other living things, yes, there are indeed organisms on the planet that do not need oxygen to live as well. Most of them are underwater, where they only rely on the energy from hydrothermal vents of the seafloor. So you see, water is everyone’s needs.


All About Its Properties

Water supports better nutrient transport because of its liquid properties. It can help dissolve substances and generate energy out of it. Aside from its ability to deliver healthy chemicals in a small and large organism, it also helps in flushing out toxins as well. Because of water’s ability to dissolve all types of substances, it becomes an ideal medium for both carrying and flushing tasks. Water is also sticky. Scientifically, the explanation of that is due to its surface tension property. It tends to clamp together to allow a better flow. That explains why it helps in creating a continuous stream through the roots of plants and even blood vessels of insects, animals, and the human body. Aside from these beneficial properties of water, it is the only natural substance that can benefit a liquid, solid, and gas transformation. Of course, that is deepening on the stable temperatures that can create different masses. But overall, every little thing on Earth can benefit all the three phases of water.

Water has protected the building blocks of life ever since. And that is something we should thank nature for.